4 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday – Full Interview- Nimoy on Piers Morgan

  1. Well, having watched it, at least I can now say there’s one good thing about Piers Morgan, which I never thought I’d hear myself saying! How interesting, that he tried to deflect the question about Shatner, but in the end had to say, “We don’t have that kind of relationship any more.” Sadly, there does seem to have been a major breach between the two. On Twitter, Shatner hasn’t said one word about Leonard’s illness, i noticed.

  2. Actually, I watched that segment of the interview a few times, because just after Leonard says “We don’t have that kind of relationship anymore” it sounds like he says “We Do—” but Morgan cuts him off and says ‘How about the rest of The Enterprise (cast)?” (Dang you Piers!) So maybe they still see or communicate occasionally, but we’ll probably never know until one of them dies. 🙁
    I think Bill is quite self absorbed, but it would have been nice to hear something from him regarding Leonard’s condition. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure they’re still in touch.

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