My Weekly Spock: The Patchwork Suit!!! (Nimoy on Mike Douglas-Video)

Hey Kids,

Having a crazy busy week prepping for Christmas!  So many projects to finish! I’ll post a bit more next week, but for now, here’s some truly funk-a-delic Nimoy from 1974, in his memorable appearance on The Mike Douglas Show!

Thrilled someone posted this, although I know there’s more than this! I’ve been looking for images of this incredible, phenomenal,  denim patchwork suit, and you got to give the guy credit for pushing the fashion envelope!  (He could fly away in those lapels!) –Next week I’ll post some stills!

Anyone remember Mason Reese? He was an advertising sensation in the early 70’s for his quirky looks and voice.  So much so that he got a whole week as ‘co-host’ on the Mike Douglas talk show.  Man, I remember watching this when it first came on (my Mom watched it every day).  A shame Douglas didn’t have Nimoy as his co-host for a week, (although he did guest several times) Nimoy’s so sweet to his little fan here, saying:  “We’ll take you on a trip on the Enterprise” Oh man, did I envy Mason here!

So as an early Christmas Present, Here’s your deliciousness for today!

7 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: The Patchwork Suit!!! (Nimoy on Mike Douglas-Video)

  1. This defines the term “fashion victim”, doesn’t it. Poor guy. In fairness, we did wear patch work denim in those days, though perhaps not in such frightening quantities. And I’m pleased to say we didn’t have Mason Reese, who I found difficult to take after a few seconds. But Leonard was so sweet with him. He’s always seemed really good with kids. Very unpatronising. And can I also say, he can really wear that suit, and looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Fashion victim, possibly, but I know there were many worse outfits in the early 70’s (and this was pre-disco!) Yet, even then, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and man, he could pull it off!

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    • It was in 1974, and I remember watching it that day (Mom watched it every afternoon) We had a black and white TV, so seeing this in all its blue glory was a joy!

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