My Weekly Spock (@1966) Forty Questions for Mr. Spock

Here’s a fine slice of nostalgia!  I found this on Tumblr — it’s an incredible, personal and very long interview from Mr. Nimoy in 1966, where he answers 40 questions from a movie magazine.  Love the opening shot if Nimoy talking into a state-of-the-art tape recorder (not so thrilled with the cigarette shot, but  everyone smoked in the 60’s)  Great insight into the 35 year old Nimoy’s mind! I wonder how much holds true today?

tumblr_lr2en4EkGR1qj4li6o1_1280 01020304jpg

10 responses to “My Weekly Spock (@1966) Forty Questions for Mr. Spock

  1. It’s very interesting to see some thoughts from him that were written well before the first autobiography. Thanks for posting this!


  2. I know this is very naughty, slapped wrist etc – but I have always thought that shots of him smoking are dead sexy!


  3. Awesome, thanks for posting!


  4. Hello! I very much enjoyed this article!!
    But I do have a question.. In the interview here Leonard states that his favorite foods are steak and home made blueberry pie with ice cream.
    I have always heard that Mr. Nimoy is a vegetarian. What are you’re thoughts on this??!
    Thank you!! ShellyCrawford


  5. When he went to China for Marco Polo he said he had bacon for breakfast. Not veggie and not kosher either! If he is veggie it’s very recent.


  6. I’ve been veggie since 1976, no meat or fish. I’m too sentimental!


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