My Weekly Spock – Nimoy Stills from “Piers Morgan Live”

Hey Kids,

Here’s some screencaps I took from February 10th’s interview of Mr. Nimoy with Piers Morgan of CNN.  As you can see, it was a lively conversation! I’ll have the transcript up for you soon! (and I hope video too).  The man loves his life, regardless of any illness;  a lesson we all could learn.  Enjoy!

“Olympic Smoker” Nimoy on Piers Morgan (Partial VIDEO)

IMG_8557Hey Kids,

Mr. Nimoy gave a fine and heartfelt interview on CNN last night with Piers Morgan.  In this segment he talks about how he was an ‘Olympic Smoker’ and the ignorance of tobacco dangers when he was young.  Here’s that part of the interview’;  I hope to get the full interview up later.   He did great! Rock on, Grandpa.

Nimoy to be on Piers Morgan Live Tonight on CNN

Heads up! Mr. Nimoy announced that he’ll be on “Piers Morgan Live” tonight on CNN — 9:00 EST.   You can probably watch it on their website later .

Thanks for all the outpouring of concern. Looking forward to talking to Piers Morgan on Monday on CNN. LLAP