FArFri: Simpsons Trek!

Over the years, The Simpsons has occasionally referenced Trek TOS, and here’s a compilation of closing credits with Simpson Characters in full Trek drag!  I’m pretty sure all of you know the references!  I love Marge as Vina!

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tumblr_nhqk7yCPHn1qkx0x3o6_1280Most recently, an opening ‘couch gag’ featured Homer and the crew of the Enterprise (or should that be Donutprize?) fighting off the fierce couch –guess who won?

IMG_7316 IMG_7317 IMG_7320 IMG_7323 IMG_7326 IMG_7328 IMG_7329

There were many other instances of Simpson/Trek crossovers and of course many references in Matt Goering’s brilliant Futurama, which I’ll get to next time! Have a nice weekend!  Until next week…

The Simpsons The Man Who Came To Be Dinner Star Trek end credits Mr Burns Balok


UPDATE — The Completed Version of “Let’s Hear It For the 430!”

Hey kids, here’s the final and complete version of the poster I put up here last week — now with even MORE crewmen! It seems that every time I thought it was safe to finish this, I found another crew member (some notable, like Mr. D’Amato from ‘That Which Survives”) that I couldn’t leave out! This is actually the third reboot of this poster, but I’m done now, really!   Be sure to click on the image to see the full size version, I don’t want you to miss a thing!

I’m working on a Key to identify all these people too, so stay tuned!

the 430 poster latest update 1-15-13

The Daily Scrapbook 11/29/12 A preview of my next obsession, and my Mom sees Equus!

Good Morning Scrappers!  Here’s today’s flashback:

Another page of assorted bits notably, a postcard from TV Guide, thanking me for my letter to the editor (I was curious as to why Mr. Asimov did not mention Star Trek in the article “What makes good Science Fiction?”) They didn’t print my letter, of course, (I was such a dope!) but it was nice to be acknowledged.  And why is there a picture of Prince Charles, looking somewhat fey here, in my Star Trek scrapbook?  He’s watching the space shuttle Enterprise of course Ironically, this was a key to my next scrapbook obsession; the Prince’s future wife, Diana Spencer, who was the same age as I. (I’ll be posting those scrapbooks here too eventually, in their own section)

And then one last look at Equus, for Nimoy’s run in it was quite successful.  First, a blurb explaining Nimoy’s variety of jobs and salaries, and how the actor kept his integrity through it all.  Interesting comment at the end “I can be  bought, but if you bore me, we’re through!”  (I’m guessing it was a LOT of money that got him to do the first Star Trek picture, which was incredibly boring!)   This article was sent to me by my Aunt Eileen  from Piscataway NY, clipped from my Uncle Eddie’s Money magazine.  I always knew when something was from Aunt Eileen, for she loved the fancy font ball on her electric typewriter, which you can see here. (Her actual cursive handwriting was beautiful too; an art that is sadly dying out in the digital age).

On a lighter note, my mom, our neighbor Flo Watts, and Flo’s Aunt Sue took a day trip to NYC to see Equus with Leonard Nimoy!!!  (and WHY was I not invited?).  Mom said Nimoy was wonderful (rub it in, Ma!-just kidding!) and apparently, my sweet, devout, Catholic mom handled the full nudity in the play well (no, not Nimoy, but Mr. Ralph Seymore as the troubled youth…okay, this was why I wasn’t invited) You can at right see my pretty Mom (in blue jacket) with Ralph and Sue , and on the left,  Sue with Flo (a great native New Yawker) in her rain bonnet with the big picture of Nimoy and Seymore.

I dedicate this post to Flo Watts and Eileen and Eddie Porowski, whom I all love and miss very much.

The Daily Scrapbook 10/16/12 — From 1976, Bill Shatner in Crawdaddy!

Here’s today’s flashback, and it’s a big one, kids.    From the December issue of Crawdaddy magazine, a great multi-page article by writer Ed Naha on Star Trek, it’s incredible phenomenal rebirth, and it’s million dollar merchandising.  It asks teh question “Can Star Trek Be Put Back Together?” And Bill Shatner on the cover being his best Bill self! – lookin’ cool Bill!  (and the quality of his  hairpiece has improved!)  I also love the picture of him inside, holding a broken model of Enterprise.  There’s also a sidebar about the Star Trek album,Inside Star Trek, that featured Gene Roddenberry interviewing Shatner, Deforest Kelley, and even Mark Lenard in character as Sarek!   I still have this album although I have to find a turntable to play it on — maybe I can find a recording of it online somewhere , if I do, I’ll share it.  A shame that Nimoy wasn’t on the album, would have love to hear his deep rich voice.  But it’s lovely to have Gene, Dee and Mark on it, sages of Trek lore.

And  on a side note, I wish I kept the entire magazine, I would have liked to have read the interview with John Lennon!

The Daily Scrapbook 10/9/12

Here’s today’s flashback:  From September of 1976.  Something for those of you who were unborn at the time or too young to remember.  You see, way back in the before time, before the internet and Tweets, etc, there was this thing called a newspaper with many wonderful sections dealing with world events, politics, local news, weather, and since they had such wonderful revenue, they also had room for frivolous ‘entertainment’ news and even Q & A sections on the latest entertainment fads and trends.  By 1976, the canceled  but highly syndicated Star Trek had met its fan zenith and it’s stars were often the crux of this curiosity.  Here’s a question about Nimoy’s dealings (mostly financial) with that Trek movie that Paramount was promising, and goings on about that new space shuttle from NASA that the Trekkies want to be called ‘Enterprise‘.   (Even Gerald Ford got into the Trek craze, overruling NASA to let the Trekkies get their way!)   I doubt they would have been so adamant about it if they knew that it would never actually fly in space!  (ah, but that makes it all the nicer since we can enjoy it now, practically pristine, at the Intrepid Air & Space Museum in NYC)

I was so keen on finding anything about my favorite show and actor, I even snipped little tidbits with mere mentions of it!

Enterprise Over Manhattan!

I am so happy to share with all of you these gorgeous pictures of the shuttle Enterprise soaring over Manhattan today, April 27, 2012.  These just put a lump of pride in my throat!  I’m definitely going to take my sons to see this when it goes on permanent display at The Intrepid Air and Space Museum in NYC!  And Mr. Nimoy got to see it in person today too! (yes, he’s here too) I’m so happy for him, NYC, and NASA!  This must have been a thrill for him. Lucky Duck!  Enjoy these breath-taling photos! Click on image for bigger size.

Welcome Home Enterprise!

I’m just watching CNN now, and I hope you’ve caught this too.  The original prototype shuttle Enterprise is swooping around NYC to land at JFK soon and prepere for  it’s final home  at the Intrepid Museum.  So exciting for NYC and NASA!   I remember when the  Enterprise was unveiled in 1976, it was originally to be called The Constitution, but Trek fans all over the country wrote NASA and inisited that they name this prototype after their favorive Starship!   On CNN now John Cerrella joking referred to it as ‘The Rodney Dangerfield” of Shuttles, because it did’t get to fly into space, hence ‘getting no respect’, but it’s safe to say that without this prototype which was used for practice landings, our shuttle program may have never happened!

Certainly The Enterprise  is getting that respect now!  Nimoy Alert:  I’ve heard several commentators say that Mr. Nimoy is going to speak today at JFK – I hope so !  Nimoy was a the first roll-out of The Enterprise in 1976 along with Dee, Jim, Nichelle, George, Walter, and Gene Roddenberry.  I’m so glad he’s there today!   I remember the roll-out well!  Several of the Trek  men were wearing awful leisure suits! (save for Nimoy and Takei)  But it was so exciting! Nimoy at the time was surprised that it wasn’t the Star-Spangled Banner playing at the roll out, but rather the original  Star Trek Theme!

The Star Trek Cast welcome the newly christened NASA Shuttle Enterprise in 1976. L-R NASA Employee, DeForrest Kelly, George Takei, James Doohan (partly hidden, w/beard) Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy, Gene Roddenberry, NASA employee, and Walter Koenig.

The best thing about Enterprise coming to NYC is that it is in such beautiful condition because it doesn’t have any space-wear on it, no loose or missing tiles.   It will be a beautiful addition to the Intrepid Museum when it opens in July!   I’ll keep you updated when Nimoy speaks today!