The Daily Scrapbook 10/9/12

Here’s today’s flashback:  From September of 1976.  Something for those of you who were unborn at the time or too young to remember.  You see, way back in the before time, before the internet and Tweets, etc, there was this thing called a newspaper with many wonderful sections dealing with world events, politics, local news, weather, and since they had such wonderful revenue, they also had room for frivolous ‘entertainment’ news and even Q & A sections on the latest entertainment fads and trends.  By 1976, the canceled  but highly syndicated Star Trek had met its fan zenith and it’s stars were often the crux of this curiosity.  Here’s a question about Nimoy’s dealings (mostly financial) with that Trek movie that Paramount was promising, and goings on about that new space shuttle from NASA that the Trekkies want to be called ‘Enterprise‘.   (Even Gerald Ford got into the Trek craze, overruling NASA to let the Trekkies get their way!)   I doubt they would have been so adamant about it if they knew that it would never actually fly in space!  (ah, but that makes it all the nicer since we can enjoy it now, practically pristine, at the Intrepid Air & Space Museum in NYC)

I was so keen on finding anything about my favorite show and actor, I even snipped little tidbits with mere mentions of it!

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