The Daily Scrapbook 11/29/12 A preview of my next obsession, and my Mom sees Equus!

Good Morning Scrappers!  Here’s today’s flashback:

Another page of assorted bits notably, a postcard from TV Guide, thanking me for my letter to the editor (I was curious as to why Mr. Asimov did not mention Star Trek in the article “What makes good Science Fiction?”) They didn’t print my letter, of course, (I was such a dope!) but it was nice to be acknowledged.  And why is there a picture of Prince Charles, looking somewhat fey here, in my Star Trek scrapbook?  He’s watching the space shuttle Enterprise of course Ironically, this was a key to my next scrapbook obsession; the Prince’s future wife, Diana Spencer, who was the same age as I. (I’ll be posting those scrapbooks here too eventually, in their own section)

And then one last look at Equus, for Nimoy’s run in it was quite successful.  First, a blurb explaining Nimoy’s variety of jobs and salaries, and how the actor kept his integrity through it all.  Interesting comment at the end “I can be  bought, but if you bore me, we’re through!”  (I’m guessing it was a LOT of money that got him to do the first Star Trek picture, which was incredibly boring!)   This article was sent to me by my Aunt Eileen  from Piscataway NY, clipped from my Uncle Eddie’s Money magazine.  I always knew when something was from Aunt Eileen, for she loved the fancy font ball on her electric typewriter, which you can see here. (Her actual cursive handwriting was beautiful too; an art that is sadly dying out in the digital age).

On a lighter note, my mom, our neighbor Flo Watts, and Flo’s Aunt Sue took a day trip to NYC to see Equus with Leonard Nimoy!!!  (and WHY was I not invited?).  Mom said Nimoy was wonderful (rub it in, Ma!-just kidding!) and apparently, my sweet, devout, Catholic mom handled the full nudity in the play well (no, not Nimoy, but Mr. Ralph Seymore as the troubled youth…okay, this was why I wasn’t invited) You can at right see my pretty Mom (in blue jacket) with Ralph and Sue , and on the left,  Sue with Flo (a great native New Yawker) in her rain bonnet with the big picture of Nimoy and Seymore.

I dedicate this post to Flo Watts and Eileen and Eddie Porowski, whom I all love and miss very much.

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