The Daily Scrapbook 10/16/12 — From 1976, Bill Shatner in Crawdaddy!

Here’s today’s flashback, and it’s a big one, kids.    From the December issue of Crawdaddy magazine, a great multi-page article by writer Ed Naha on Star Trek, it’s incredible phenomenal rebirth, and it’s million dollar merchandising.  It asks teh question “Can Star Trek Be Put Back Together?” And Bill Shatner on the cover being his best Bill self! – lookin’ cool Bill!  (and the quality of his  hairpiece has improved!)  I also love the picture of him inside, holding a broken model of Enterprise.  There’s also a sidebar about the Star Trek album,Inside Star Trek, that featured Gene Roddenberry interviewing Shatner, Deforest Kelley, and even Mark Lenard in character as Sarek!   I still have this album although I have to find a turntable to play it on — maybe I can find a recording of it online somewhere , if I do, I’ll share it.  A shame that Nimoy wasn’t on the album, would have love to hear his deep rich voice.  But it’s lovely to have Gene, Dee and Mark on it, sages of Trek lore.

And  on a side note, I wish I kept the entire magazine, I would have liked to have read the interview with John Lennon!

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