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Wideo Wednesday: Rare Video of early 1970’s Trek Convention !

Here’s an old gem! Rare (very amateur)  video of an early Trek Convention  taken at the Northglenn Mall in Colorado!  Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan are there, looking Fab! Not quite sure who the dog-faced boy is supposed to be.  Pardon poor audio, cheesy organ music and very poor cinematography, but it’s a fun little trip down memory lane. I wish there was more coverage of it – I will have to investigate!  Were any of you at the early cons? (we’re talking pre-Star Wars here!)

Wideo Wednesday: Planetary Post “Boldly Go!” A Trek Musical!

Actor Robert Picardo, (whom I love) who played the Emergency Holographic Doctor on Star Trek Voyager,  presented his second monthly newsletter for the blog Planetary Society.   In addition to the regular real-space news of the month, Picardo presents a new scientist-produced Star Trek musical “Boldly Go!”.  (Picardo will cameo in it!) I wouldn’t call the music Rogers & Hammerstein worthy, but if looks like fun.  Enjoy!

To boldly go cast

Wideo Wednesday” Leonard Nimoy in Bonanza Under Attack (1995)

On Monday I featured photos of Leonard in Catlow and Bonanza Under Attack (1995)  I found the video of the Bonanza movie!    So glad he got to do another western at this stage in his career :-).  Enjoy!

Wideo Wednesday: Andy Griffith meets Star Trek (MeTV)

I love this promo for The Andy Griffith Show and Star Trek for MeTV!  (Unfortunately I don’t get that channel!)

But I can’t quite tell what Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) is saying–Anyone?

Crab Has a Bad Case of Plak Tow!

I couldn’t wait until Wednesday to post this.  It has to be the best use of Amok Time‘s fight music ever!   LOL!!!

Wideo Wednesday: ‘Common People’

Here’s a crazy one using Star Trek: The Animated Series.  I’m sure the possibilities are endless!

Wideo Wednesday: The Good of the One – Spock Tribute – by Melodysheep

Here’s a splendid mashup — and “Live Long and Prosper” is auto-tuned!