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Wideo Wednesday: Andy Griffith meets Star Trek (MeTV)

I love this promo for The Andy Griffith Show and Star Trek for MeTV!  (Unfortunately I don’t get that channel!)

But I can’t quite tell what Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) is saying–Anyone?

Crab Has a Bad Case of Plak Tow!

I couldn’t wait until Wednesday to post this.  It has to be the best use of Amok Time‘s fight music ever!   LOL!!!

Wideo Wednesday: ‘Common People’

Here’s a crazy one using Star Trek: The Animated Series.  I’m sure the possibilities are endless!

Wideo Wednesday: The Good of the One – Spock Tribute – by Melodysheep

Here’s a splendid mashup — and “Live Long and Prosper” is auto-tuned!

Wideo Wednesday: Bill Stole Leonard’s Bike!

Great video where the old pals recall the legend of how Bill stole Leonard’s bike on the Star Trek set.  It’s so lovely to see them laughing together – Bill’s a ham as usual, but Leonard is just delightful.  I wish I could have seen this when they toured together in the 1980’s.  Magical.   Enjoy.

Wideo Wednesday: “The Air That I Breathe” by The Hollies

And now for something completely different — One of my favorite songs of all time, The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies.   Although it came out in 1974, the first time I remember hearing it was  in the summer of 1979, on my first visit to Atlantic City, the first time I had ever seen the ocean.  It was dusk, and as the sun was setting on the rippling, majestic Atlantic,  this lilting, lush, and oh so romantic song was playing from a speaker on the pier.  It was a perfect fit. Enjoy a little zen.

Funny thing is, I had never seen this video until this week!  The wonderful lead singer of The Hollies, Allan Clarke, reminds me here of my darling husband as a teenager in the 70’s! (No wonder I can’t stop watching it!)  *Sigh!*

My New Spock Video! “Them There Eyes” – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Hey Kids!

I’ve have had an idea to make a Spock/Nimoy tribute for a long time! (long before he passed).  When I first heard this song by the great Billie Holiday, I thought it would be perfect backdrop for Spock’s beautiful brown eyes.  I’ve combined clips of Mr. Nimoy as Spock and as Paris to make this little tribute. I hope it will bring joy to all who loved him.

It’s called Them There Eyes – In Honor of Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015.                 Enjoy, Thank you!


Wideo Wednesday – ‘A Tribute to Spock’ by Anthony Lara

This is a marvelous video of a ‘speed painting’ by artist Anthony Lara.   Not only is it a splendid portrait of Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but a great tutorial on how to paint with Photoshop!* Just a beautiful job, with photo realness, and shadowing. (and those eyes!)  Wonderful talent,  and the music makes it all the more touching.  Congratulations Anthony, I’m sure Mr. Nimoy would have loved this.  🙂

* I have Photoshop but have never attempted anything this detailed — thanks for the inspiration!

Metal Trek!

Have you seen this one?  Wonderful Metal renditions of the TOS and Next Generation Themes! By Guitar maestro, Eric Calderone!

I especially like the ripping toward the end — so spacey!

Bravo, Sir!

My Two Mad Men Videos: “Excuse Me?” and “Look at You!”

Hey Kids,

As a lot of you know, I’m also a big fan of Mad Men, and this coming Sunday is the FINAL episode EVER! (Waaaah!).  But in honor of this occasion, I finally finished two little Mad Men videos that I’ve been tinkering with for about two years now!   I got the idea for these when, after multiple viewings, I had noticed there were two expressions that were often repeated on Mad Men.  They are:

  1. “Excuse Me?”  Mostly used when one is offended or confused by a comment made to them.  Less used to be noticed or when needing something repeated.
  2. “Look at You!” (and variants) Used to express pleasure, surprise, or frustration with one’s looks or situation.

I’ve loaded these videos to YouTube and am very happy to share with you here! It’s also a thank you to Matt and all the incredibly talented staff, writers, crew, and actors of Mad Men.  What a ride it’s been! I’ll miss it!