Wideo Wednesday – ‘A Tribute to Spock’ by Anthony Lara

This is a marvelous video of a ‘speed painting’ by artist Anthony Lara.   Not only is it a splendid portrait of Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but a great tutorial on how to paint with Photoshop!* Just a beautiful job, with photo realness, and shadowing. (and those eyes!)  Wonderful talent,  and the music makes it all the more touching.  Congratulations Anthony, I’m sure Mr. Nimoy would have loved this.  🙂

* I have Photoshop but have never attempted anything this detailed — thanks for the inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday – ‘A Tribute to Spock’ by Anthony Lara

  1. Love that (though shame they used reboot music!). There’s another one on YouTube, which you can find if you type in speed drawing Spock. Really lovely

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