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The Daily Scrapbook – “He’s out of this world…Leonard Nimoy”

From March 1967 — you know you’re hot when you’re featured in a Archie-Style comic book!  In this case, it’s “Tippy Teen”, and Leonard Nimoy is “Out of this World!”  The article is presciently predicts that ‘Len’ “will keep going strong for a long time”! And he does!  🙂   (I honestly don’t think anyone in real life calls him “Len”, but what a groovy guy!)

heoutofthisworld00 heoutofthisworld01

The Daily Scrapbook: EW – Shatner Speaks

Here’s today’s flashback:

From the EW magazine I’ve been posting, William Shatner (age 63 in 1994) gives a great interview (and even greater presence in that dashing photo!) He discusses Kirk vs. Picard, and Kirk’s uncanny success with the ladies.

EW-011 EW-012

The Daily Scrapbook 9/19/13 Kevin Pollack is “Doing Kirk”

Here’s today’s flashback:  More from the special edition of EW in 1994.  Here, actor Kevin Pollack nails his Captain Kirk impersonation-with hilarious perfection! Note the facial expressions. 😀 Chris Pine, take note! Priceless.


The Daily Scrapbook — EW Pt. II

Here’s the next part of the ranked 79 TOS episodes from the special 1994 edition of Entertainment Weekly.  Episodes 20-51.  I still would have put Balance of Terror before  Is There in Truth No Beauty?  I’ll have to do my own list sometime.  Part III soon!


The Daily Scrapbook – 1994 EW Trek Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition

In December 1994, Entertainment Weekly Magazine created a “Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition” dedicated an whole issue to the  glory of all things Star Trek to that point.  (Generations had just been released) Here’s a few of the TOS highlights, including a fun ranking of the first 79.  I don’t quite agree with the ranking (Journey To Babel is not in the top ten!) (more tomorrow)

(p.s.  Happy belated 47th Birthday Star Trek! – as of September 8, 2013)

EW-01 EW-02 EW-03

The Daily Scrapbook – The last of Media Spotlight, and a super 70’s George!

Hey kids, here’s today’s flashback:  The last few pages of Media Spotlight and a great photo of swinging George Takei in his best 70’s gear!  Good ‘ol George was a regular fixture at the Conventions, always ready with a smile and a pen ready for autographs! George was described in David Gerrold’s World of Star Trek as one of the ‘smilingest’ human beings you were ever likely to meet, and he delivers his million dollar smile here! I love George!  Sadly, this is the last of my Media Spotlight Magazine, and I don’t have any more copies, but if I should come across any in my travels, you’ll see the here!

media spotlight 1977-027 media spotlight 1977-026 media spotlight  1977-02

The Daily Scrapbook (8/29/13)– Trek Merchadise Ads!

Here’s today’s flashback:  In it’s 70’s rebirth through syndication, Star Trek was a marketer’s dream! Everything you could imagine was found in ads from Starlog and Media Spotlight, among other Sci-Fi magazines.  A lot of the stuff you see here could be bought at conventions too, and there was also Lincoln Enterprises, the company started by Gene Roddenberry to sell everything a Trekkie could want.  The man knew how to make money!  I wonder if anyone still has any of these fan-tastic items? A Trekkie’s Paradise to be sure!

media spotlight 1977-023 media spotlight 1977-024 media spotlight 1977-025