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The Daily Scrapbook — EW Pt. II

Here’s the next part of the ranked 79 TOS episodes from the special 1994 edition of Entertainment Weekly.  Episodes 20-51.  I still would have put Balance of Terror before  Is There in Truth No Beauty?  I’ll have to do my own list sometime.  Part III soon!


The Daily Scrapbook – 1994 EW Trek Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition

In December 1994, Entertainment Weekly Magazine created a “Special Obsessive Compulsive Collectors Edition” dedicated an whole issue to the  glory of all things Star Trek to that point.  (Generations had just been released) Here’s a few of the TOS highlights, including a fun ranking of the first 79.  I don’t quite agree with the ranking (Journey To Babel is not in the top ten!) (more tomorrow)

(p.s.  Happy belated 47th Birthday Star Trek! – as of September 8, 2013)

EW-01 EW-02 EW-03

The Daily Scrapbook – The last of Media Spotlight, and a super 70’s George!

Hey kids, here’s today’s flashback:  The last few pages of Media Spotlight and a great photo of swinging George Takei in his best 70’s gear!  Good ‘ol George was a regular fixture at the Conventions, always ready with a smile and a pen ready for autographs! George was described in David Gerrold’s World of Star Trek as one of the ‘smilingest’ human beings you were ever likely to meet, and he delivers his million dollar smile here! I love George!  Sadly, this is the last of my Media Spotlight Magazine, and I don’t have any more copies, but if I should come across any in my travels, you’ll see the here!

media spotlight 1977-027 media spotlight 1977-026 media spotlight  1977-02

The Daily Scrapbook (8/29/13)– Trek Merchadise Ads!

Here’s today’s flashback:  In it’s 70’s rebirth through syndication, Star Trek was a marketer’s dream! Everything you could imagine was found in ads from Starlog and Media Spotlight, among other Sci-Fi magazines.  A lot of the stuff you see here could be bought at conventions too, and there was also Lincoln Enterprises, the company started by Gene Roddenberry to sell everything a Trekkie could want.  The man knew how to make money!  I wonder if anyone still has any of these fan-tastic items? A Trekkie’s Paradise to be sure!

media spotlight 1977-023 media spotlight 1977-024 media spotlight 1977-025

The Daily Scrapbook: 8/23/13 (1977) — Roddenberry Projects

Here’s today’s flashback:  New Roddenberry Projects from Media Spotlight Magazine.  Gene discusses his latest projects and (at this point in 1977) the speculation and early pre-production regarding a possible Star Trek film.  It notes that the first outlines  which were written by such sci-fi notables  as Robert Silverberg, Harlan Ellison, Theodore Sturgeon, Dick Simmons and Chris Knopf were rejected by Paramount, just as they had rejected Gene’s original outline.  I think this initial action is what caused the first movie to be less Star Trek and more Hollywood.  Paramount dropped the ball here, rejecting the Trek creator and others who knew Trek well.  I can only imagine that a script from one of these authors, and direction by Philip Kaufman (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) might have been more true to the spirit of the original.                                                                                                                                And being  Media Spotlight,  the article  naturally features artwork and photos of the original series that have nothing to do with the article’s content!  (Ah, they were such a fanzine!)

media spotlight 1977-020 media spotlight 1977-021 media spotlight 1977-022

The Daily Scrapbook 8/21/13 “Inside Science Fiction”

Hey, this is my 500th post!

Here’s today’s flashback;  Another installment of Media Spotlight.  This time it’s “Inside Science Fiction” by  Jackie Lichtenberg, where she reviews the latest sci-fi related projects by our favorite Trek stars.  Especially noteworthy is the LP album Inside Star Trek, which I remember buying at the time for  @ $8.00, a big chunk out of my budget for the time.  It featured Gene Roddenberry chatting with De Kelley, Bill Shatner and most notably Mark Lenard as Sarek, discussing the fascinating ordeal of  Spock’s birth.  I still have that LP somewhere, although nowhere to play it!  The article also mentions that fans should get a hold of Leonard Nimoy’s recordings of The Martian Chronicles, although they might be a bit too expensive for your average geek’s wallet.  The author extols Nimoy on his “rich, velvet voice”.  There’s also interesting insights on how “The City on the Edge of Forever might have been if writer Harlan Ellison had his way (a footnote of Star Trek production legend is about how much Ellison hated the way his original script was edited into the legendary episode that aired.  (To his credit, Ellison won a Writer’s Guild of America’s Award for his original teleplay).

media spotlight 1977-017 media spotlight 1977-018media spotlight 1977-019

The Daily Scrapbook 8/20/13 “Uhura Speaks!”

Here’s today’s flashback: Another installment of Media Spotlight Magazine, this time, a great interview with delightful Ms. Nichols by writer Jim Burns.

media spotlight 1977-014 media spotlight 1977-015 media spotlight 1977-016

The Daily Scrapbook Media Spotlight Part IV “The Robots of Star Trek”

Here’s today’s flashback — more of Media Spotlight from 1977.  This time it’s The Robots of Star Trek, by Howard Phillips. Mostly basic outlines of the robot based episodes of Trek, and a couple of great publicity shots too.

media spotlight 1977-011 media spotlight 1977-012 media spotlight 1977-013

The Daily Scrapbook: 8/9/13 Media Spotlight Part III

Hey kids, I figured out why I couldn’t upload more pictures yesterday; My site had finally run out of space for new files!!!   It’s all fixed now, with even more GB storage (and a chunk out of my checking account) — I might have to set up a donation button!

Here’s today’s flashback: More from Media Spotlight, including a review of the classic Forbidden Planet and an order form for membership in the “Brotherhood of Vulcan”!   ( I always wondered if Roddenberry and William Ware Theiss got the idea of short mini-dresses for the female Enterprise uniforms from this movie!

media spotlight 1977-08 media spotlight 1977-09media spotlight 1977-010

The Daily Scrapbook 8/8/13 Media Spotlight Part II

media spotlight 1977-07I tried to up load more pages from this issue of Media Spotlight today, but it wouldn’t work!  Will try again tomorrow.  For Now, enjoy this rather quaint old ad from the mag!