“Leonard Nimoy’s Torso” on Facebook

Hey Kids,

I started a silly page on Facebook yesterday.  It’s ‘Leonard Nimoy’s Torso’ celebrating the joy of Nimoy’s fine young physique 😉  (And a place to dump all those Patterns of Force pictures!)   It is a public group, but will only be public for a week (until September 16th).  If you’d like to join, open the link here:


most illogical

Happy 48th Anniversary to Our Favorite little Space Opera!

Inspired by today’s Anniversary, I made this little poster; 48 images for 48 years!  Happy Birthday Star Trek! With Love to  Bill, Leonard, George, Nichelle, Walter and Grace!!  Congratulations on being part one of the best and happiest parts of American culture!  May you truly LIVE LONG & PROSPER! trek 48 Love, Therese

My Weekly Spock — Nimoy as Samuel in ‘David’

Leonard as the prophet Samuel in the TV move David (1997).  It looks like a good movie! I think I missed it the first time around because I was preoccupied with having my first baby! I’ll have to look this one up!   I love how he looks here. 

Btw, getting back to my old self now. Thanks for your patience and support!  🙂 


#48 “Obsession”

Obsession was one of those episodes I didn’t like much as a kid, so whenever I see it, it’s almost been like a new episode for me since I don’t know all the dialogue from heart! Looking back on it now, it’s really a pretty good one, especially in regard to Kirk’s complex emotions here. I included a ”faded” picture of Kirk here from Where No Man has Gone Before to represent him as a younger man.  Ironically, that picture was only taken about a year and a half earlier when Where… was filmed, but Kirk does look astonishingly younger between the two shots.  I added to the illusion of youth and maturity by squeezing the older image to make him look thinner, and slightly stretching the color image from the episode to give him a little bulk.   Young Ensign Garrovick needed no adjustment, as he’s just gorgeous.  🙂

48 Obsession


#47 The Gamesters of Triskellion

I love the blue and gold graphics in Gamesters, it seemed a good place to start the artwork.  It would have been easy to make Shahna the center of attention here, (James Bond style) but I liked her better as an accent.  Also Galt has such a marvelous, angular, and imposing Darth Vader-ish form,  that his profile made a perfect focus.

47 Gamesters of Triskellion