#49 The Immunity Syndrome

As Star Trek carried on into it’s 2nd season, it began airing more stories set on board to save on it’s paltry limited budget.  Immunity Syndrome was definitely one of the better ones.  For this poster I preserved the ‘amoeba’ used in the original broadcasts.  The new CGI one is okay, but this one seemed more sinister.

49 The Immunity Syndrome

3 responses to “#49 The Immunity Syndrome

  1. Yes that was a great episode, and I agree with you about the ‘amoeba’ in the first showing was the better one. I loved that episode!


  2. I’ve always loved “The Immunity Syndrome,” but then, I’m a sucker for Spock as hero. 🙂 One thing I didn’t like was the exchange between Spock and McCoy as Spock is about to enter the shuttlecraft; I thought they’d written McCoy too harshly. WE know the main characters can’t die, but THEY’RE not supposed to know that. 🙂 McCoy thinks Spock is probably going to his death, and he’s all pissy at him? Geeze, McCoy, get a grip on yourself! Where’s that compassion you’re supposed to have?


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