#48 “Obsession”

Obsession was one of those episodes I didn’t like much as a kid, so whenever I see it, it’s almost been like a new episode for me since I don’t know all the dialogue from heart! Looking back on it now, it’s really a pretty good one, especially in regard to Kirk’s complex emotions here. I included a ”faded” picture of Kirk here from Where No Man has Gone Before to represent him as a younger man.  Ironically, that picture was only taken about a year and a half earlier when Where… was filmed, but Kirk does look astonishingly younger between the two shots.  I added to the illusion of youth and maturity by squeezing the older image to make him look thinner, and slightly stretching the color image from the episode to give him a little bulk.   Young Ensign Garrovick needed no adjustment, as he’s just gorgeous.  🙂

48 Obsession


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  1. Yeah, I’d call the Horta an alien too. A vapor as an enemy is a frightening possibility! Hard to contain, although I think a really good vacuum cleaner might have inhaled it quite easily! 😉 Glad you like it! Thanks!

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