My Weekly Spock — Nimoy in ‘The Lieutenant’ (Pt. I)

Hey Kids,

Here’s your weekly fix; some screencaps of Leonard in “The Lieutenant”, a military series by Gene Roddenberry in 1964.  This episode, In the Highest Tradition, was a stepping stone for Nimoy’s casting in Star Trek.

Nimoy plays an hyper A-Personality director who’s hot to make an action war picture based on the exploits of one of the commanders of the title character.  Sounds great but the commander has a secret shame…

More pics next week, (you won’t want to miss those)  and yes, that IS Majel Barret (Nurse Chapel) as Nimoy’s secretary!

IMG_9051 IMG_9055 IMG_9057 IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9065 IMG_9067 IMG_9074


3 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock — Nimoy in ‘The Lieutenant’ (Pt. I)

  1. I ADORE The Lieutenant. I can watch it any number of times. And yes, don’t miss the next lot!

    Someone on another blog has commented that, actually, he seemed to have a pretty good idea of how good he looked shirtless; and did it as often as possible!

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