#40 “Mirror, Mirror”

Definitely one of my favorite episodes!  Wish they could have gone back to it in the Original Series.  There was a comic book sequel  (‘Fragile Glass” 1997) that satisfied the question “What happened after Bad Kirk came back?”

40 Mirror Mirror(click on image to enlarge)

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  1. Hey what TOS novels do you like? I’ve begun a few but never finished.

    Remembering how I stumbled upon you, your mother’s passing, I will throw in that I’ve been cataloging my mom’s books on librarything.com and I’m past 600, and more to go 🙂

  2. That was such a great episode, and from such an absurd premise, too. 🙂
    I thought Nimoy and Takei were both wonderful in that episode and really anchored the alternate universe and made it far more believable than it had any actual right to be. 😀 And how appropriate that alternate Spock should be the best of a bad lot — a “man of integrity in both universes.” 🙂

    And Nimoy in a beard! I don’t usually like goatees, but he looked quite hot in one. *fans self*

  3. Actually, I remember reading a couple of novels by Peter David. One was “Imzhadi”, which dealt with Commander Riker and Troi, and the other was about “Q Squared”. Both were pretty good. The only TOS novels I recall reading were ‘Spock Messiah’ and there was another one about Spock and a yeoman who didn’t like him fighting giant ants!

    • Because of some strange circumstances I won’t bore you with, TOS is the only Star Trek I’ve ever seen. I was planning to begin watching the other Star Trek series, but several different people told me not to watch Enterprise “especially if you like Vulcans.” Thoughts?

      • After ST:TOS, ST: Enterprise is my favorite series because it takes place prior to TOS; answering a lot of questions while introducing and engaging with a lot of story lines, characters and races directly relating to TOS. As far as the Vulcans go, it explains their relationship with Starfleet and the Star Trek universe more completely. It also sticks with the tradition of having a fantastic doctor on board!
        So, if interactions with Andorians, Romulans, Klingons, Tellerites, Vulcans and Orions sounds like your thing, then ST: Enterprise is for you! 🙂

    • I did see that ST:Enterprise Episode, and I loved how it altered its hopeful opening credits with sinister alternate universe ones with scary music! There was also a DS9 alternate universe one which was pretty good, but I admit, I just wanted to see Spock in a beard again!

      • I’ll have to try these out. Using Wikipedia, got some Netflix-friendly data:
        Enterprise: Season 4, Episodes 18 & 19
        DS9: Season 2, Episode 23
        DS9: Season 3, Episode 19
        DS9: Season 4, Episode 20
        DS9: Season 6, Episode 8
        DS9: Season 7, Episode 12

  4. Cory, Enterprise does have several Vulcans in it in occasional roles. The fun thing about the Vulcans on Enterprise is that they are not terribly trustful of humans and kind of look down their noses (and behind their ears) at them!

    • I think the people who told me, “Don’t watch Enterprise, especially if you like Vulcans” meant that Enterprise featured Vulcans who were jerks and who would spoil my opinion of that species. Sounds like that’s not a universal opinion of the Vulcans on Enterprise, though?

      From what The Sound of One Man Laughing is saying, it sounds like some people think the Vulcans on Enterprise are condescending but with good reason? (Even Spock could be condescending at times, but given that he was the only Vulcan on the ship, his holding especially hard to his culture was a lot more understandable than it would be for Vulcans in other situations.)

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