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Happy 81st Birthday Nichelle Nichols!!!

Today, December 28th, is the 81st Birthday of our Beloved Lt. Uhura – Nichelle Nichols!   Happy Birthday Ms. Nichols!!! Thank you for all the joy and Music you have brought into our lives!  (Not to mention the mad crush my late Dad had on you all those years ago!)  With love and Blessings, Therese Nichelle Nichols 81st bday 2013

My Daily Spock Special Edition! 3/26/2012 Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy!


I twittered a copy of this to Mister Nimoy– I wonder if he ever saw it?  I hope so!

Note how 36 year old Leonard  has miraculously time traveled from the ’60’s to give 81 year old Leonard a special Hobbit Hole cake! 😉  Dig those swinging beads, baby!

What a life!

Happy 81st Birthday William Shatner!

Love this Man.  Happy Birthday Bill! You inspire, You delight. You’re the Captain of Our Hearts.   Bless you on your Birthday, and many many more! love, Trekkerscrapbook xo