My Daily Spock 3/16/12

Ah, l’amour! And so ends our week with Paris. I wish he stayed a third season on M:I, or got a spin-off, but it was fun while it lasted.

Here he is at his most irresistable…   Sexy Nerd, Sexy Arab, Sexy Magician*, and Thoroughly Charming, Million Dollar-Smile.

*I have to smile at the picture of him and Lee Meriwether, for as you Trekkers recall, Lee played Losira in “That Which Survives”, (Below)but she and Leonard never had a scene with each other (save for her projection at the end, which was probably added later)  So I’m glad they got to work together here!

My Daily Spock 3/15/12 (oh no he didn’t!)

As Paris week draws to a close, here’s some of his LESS successful looks:

The Mike Brady

The Rasputin

And finally… SERIOUSLY? Gepetto called, he wants his head back!

I commend Mr. Nimoy for risking his cool reputation on heinous looks like these!   (Hey, he was glad to have work at this time!)

Well, at least he had a break from pointed ears!