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My Daily Spock 3/21/12

On the other side of the saddle, from the episode ‘Comanche Scalps” in the series Tate (1960)

He looks too friendly to be blood-thirsty, doesn’t he?


Hey kids,

I’m going away this weekend (Sunday) to NYC  and I’ll be back on Tuesday night (3/27) but don’t worry, I have the Daily Spock and  a few other things scheduled to keep you happy! -Therese

My Daily Spock 3/20/12

From Gunsmoke , the dude knew how to wear a gun belt

(As evidenced here a few years later in Spectre of the Gun)

Did you do the poll?

I posted this poll last July, and now that I have a few followers, it’ll be fun to see who’s who!   Feel free to pass it on to your friends, lets get a ton of Trekkers to answer this!

New ‘StarTreKomics’!

Hi Kids,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve made any new “StarTreKomics”, so here’s two new ones!  They’ll be in the StarTreKomics Gallery on its own page, Enjoy, and I’m sure I’ll have more in the future!


My Daily Spock 3/19/12

What should be the theme this week?   How about Westerns!  I believe this was from Bonanza.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Probably the most festive poster I’ve ever made! Note the Gorn’s pilsner! Singing and drinks all around!


My Daily Spock 3/16/12

Ah, l’amour! And so ends our week with Paris. I wish he stayed a third season on M:I, or got a spin-off, but it was fun while it lasted.

Here he is at his most irresistable…   Sexy Nerd, Sexy Arab, Sexy Magician*, and Thoroughly Charming, Million Dollar-Smile.

*I have to smile at the picture of him and Lee Meriwether, for as you Trekkers recall, Lee played Losira in “That Which Survives”, (Below)but she and Leonard never had a scene with each other (save for her projection at the end, which was probably added later)  So I’m glad they got to work together here!

My Daily Spock 3/15/12 (oh no he didn’t!)

As Paris week draws to a close, here’s some of his LESS successful looks:

The Mike Brady

The Rasputin

And finally… SERIOUSLY? Gepetto called, he wants his head back!

I commend Mr. Nimoy for risking his cool reputation on heinous looks like these!   (Hey, he was glad to have work at this time!)

Well, at least he had a break from pointed ears!

My Daily Spock 3/14/12

Dear God! What facial fungus is this???