10 thoughts on “My Daily Spock 3/28/12

  1. Also noticed, same shirt as the photo with the kitten. Same photo session no doubt. Same idea as you – let’s do Nimoy with pets!

  2. It does look like a scar on the horse, but well healed over if it is. He really does seem to love animals. A couple of pix I’ve loved recently are those with the latest dog, Max. Paternal adoration 🙂

  3. I”ll have to look those up for another week. My sister had a dog named Max too; a wonderful Dalmation, I miss him!

  4. I know you’ll find one with him, Max and Susan on his Twitter page. Another I’m pretty sure is on Google images, with him smiling down at the dog.

  5. That’s not a scar on the horse’s neck, it’s a hair whorl or cowlick. Some breed registries ask you to note hair whorls on the registration papers to help identify the horse. This looks like an Arabian. If anyone knows anything else about this horse or the year, I’d love to know more!

  6. Tally, I never would have known that! Maybe it looks different in a color photo. I’m guessing from Leonard’s sideburns that it’s early 70’s.

    • Thanks for the guess on the years Therese! I may be great with horses, but my ability to age people is questionable. I found two other pictures with Nimoy on horses, and was able to figure out the year, event, and horses. This one has thwarted me so far, but if I find more out, I’ll update this thread.

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