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The Daily Scrapbook “Leonard Nimoy- At Last, He’s a Man!

Here’s today’s flashback:  From a movie magazine in the early 70’s, this article declares that Nimoy is at last a man!.  No, it’s not about his Bar Mitzvah some 30 years earlier, but rather how he’s finally playing a human male in Mission Impossible! Yet despite it’s praise for Nimoy’s achievements, the actor was never far from the shadow of Mr. Spock.  I have to admit though, I’ve never thought of Mr. Spock as having ‘green skin’ (it was more just pale with a touch of green cast!)  The snotty caption under the publicity picture doesn’t help!  One has no doubt than Nimoy was all man to begin with!


Poster # 25 — This Side of Paradise

I haven’t had time to make one of these since March, but I hope to finish Season One by the end of summer!  One of my favorite episodes of all time.  Jill Ireland was so lovely, and the goodbye scene between Spock and Leila was so heartbreaking, yet tender.  Ireland is  missed, Kudos to Nimoy for keeping it real.

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