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Leonard’s Little Dog is with him now.

Sad to report that Max, Mr. Nimoy’s beloved dog has passed, nearly two years to the day that his master passed. Max was 14 years old, and a joy to all who loved him.   Here’s to rejoicing their reunion in eternity ❤b7mpqlbceaebewtleonard_nimoy_dog3


My Weekly Spock: Puppy Love

I love this picture:


My Weekly Spock: 1/14/13 A Man, A Dog, A Cigarette, and More Plaid!

You got an eyeful of plaid in last week’s installment; here’s the other  photo from that series.  Just a man, a dog and a cigarette.  Can’t tell if this is a smoking jacket, blazer or a bathrobe. The shirt, tie and trousers are nice, but it’s too big on him and the plaid just doesn’t work.  Otherwise a nice pensive shot.  It looks like it was taken in a work shed out back,  but I think the cute dog just wants to get away from the cigarette.  ( I would too, even if it was Nimoy smoking it)leonard_nimoy_2.jpg guy webster

My Weekly Spock 9/24/12

Welcome back Nimoy fans!  Here’s a cuddle to start the week, from a German article in the 1970’s

My Daily Spock 3/30/12

Two for one! What’s amazing here is that they didn’t tear each other up!  Did you know that Nimoy had his own Pet Shop in 1970?!  It’s true! I’ll post about it soon.