My Weekly Spock: Happy New Year Smiling Spock-tacular!

Hey Kids,

No matter what this new year brings, you gotta start your day with a smile!  Here’s some previously unseen out-take Spock smiles from the new blu-ray The Roddenberry Vault! (I got it for Christmas! Will review soon!)  Wishing you all a blessed and healthy new year! Love, Therese

img_1299 img_1300 img_1301 img_1302 img_1309 img_1310 img_1311


4 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Happy New Year Smiling Spock-tacular!

  1. It is funny to see Spock / Leonard Nimoy laughing, and yet as spock his smile looks great. But as Leonard Nimoy, it kind of did not suit his face.

  2. Cory, when you see the actual clip, it’s pretty hilarious. Nimoy is doing a slow burn during the filming of “The Trouble with Tribbles” while Scotty and Kirk are arguing about where the tribbles are. First, he reacts with eyebrow, nods, and quizzical looks, then it erupts into the smirk (above) and finally he yells “YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH”. I’ll post the clip soon!

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