My Weekly Spock – That Friendly Smile

Something that always makes me happy is seeing a great picture of Leonard smiling.  He had such a warm, genuine smile.  Weren’t we lucky he was a public figure? 🙂 For the rest of this year, I’ll post a pic of smiling Leonard every week!

5 responses to “My Weekly Spock – That Friendly Smile

  1. Glad you’re back from your Trump-shock-blues. A lovely theme to take us to the end of this terrible year.

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  2. Although I love Spock exactly the way he is, it IS rather a shame that Spock rarely gets to smile, since Leonard has such a beautiful one. Still, I guess that makes Spock’s rare smiles all the more precious.

    (I just found out today that I have to have a hysterectomy. I must say, a smiling Leonard goes down especially well today…)


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