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My Weekly Spock: Some Seventies Shots

Here a couple of nice ones from the 70’s — always happy to find new ones!
smile smile2

My Weekly Spock: Happy Paris!

Since Paris seemed so somber and serious last week,  I thought we should see his happy side too! See, spying isn’t all bad! (But that Brillo beard has got to go!)

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My Weekly Spock 10/15/12 — Shaggy Seventies Smiles

Some Swell Shaggy Seventies Smiles! So often he was posed so seriously, it’s great to see him with that million-dollar grin. And that hair!  The first two are from an auto show.   Theo fourth is backstage, (I think from The King and I) the fifth is on a very windy day and the last has one funkadelic shirt!

Happy Birthday Trekker Scrapbook!

Guess what kids?  Today, June 10th, is the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Trekker Scrapbook!   May our members increase and may I never stop creating! Here’s to the new year!




I’m off to NYC today, will be back tomorrow night!  Weekly Spock will be up Tuesday! Ciao!

My Daily Spock 3/16/12

Ah, l’amour! And so ends our week with Paris. I wish he stayed a third season on M:I, or got a spin-off, but it was fun while it lasted.

Here he is at his most irresistable…   Sexy Nerd, Sexy Arab, Sexy Magician*, and Thoroughly Charming, Million Dollar-Smile.

*I have to smile at the picture of him and Lee Meriwether, for as you Trekkers recall, Lee played Losira in “That Which Survives”, (Below)but she and Leonard never had a scene with each other (save for her projection at the end, which was probably added later)  So I’m glad they got to work together here!