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Spock n’ Wash…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  (When I found this old vintage ad, I couldn’t resist! )


The Daily Scrapbook: 7/8/13 Trek Promos begin…The Poster

Here’s today’s flashback:  From November of 1979,  Newspaper Ads for the Star Trek Daily Comic that would soon premiere in our local paper, and an ad for an ad in the Sunday paper to see the special color ad in the Sunday Parade insert! (Mind you, newspapers were mostly in black and white back then, so no color in the movie timetables)  This was the first time I saw the poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and I couldn’t imagine the promise of the shiny, rainbow drenched poster! V3-011 intro V3-011 complete

The Daily Scrapbook 5/20/13 -Old Fashioned Marketing by Mail

Here’s today’s flashback:  From September of 1979, a flyer from Pocket Books heralding all the new Star Trek merchandise. You see, in the before time of no internet, one would be on something called ‘a mailing list’. Surprisingly, there are no flashy graphics here, just a basic list. Pocket smelled money…

V3-03-A copy V3-03-B