5 thoughts on “#72 – The Mark of Gideon

  1. I became interested in Trek in the 1970s, thanks largely to the animated series. Thanks to Blish’s novelizations, I read a lot of the TOS stories before I ever saw them, including “TMoG”. The “mime troupe” rather creeped me out the first time I saw them.

    Oh, and the angry Vulcan is probably mad because Jim gets the beautiful women while he gets stuck with the bureaucrats. ^_^

    However, the K/S yaoi fangirls would probably say the Vulcan is mad because the beautiful women are moving in on his boyfriend–despite THE GREAT BIRD HIMSELF shooting a photon torpedo into such speculations in the novelization of the first movie. xD

  2. I left an “are” out of the final paragraph, before “moving”.

    Never post under the influence of Saurian brandy. ^__^

  3. Kid, I’ll fix your typo- but leave your funny second comment! Thanks. Also, I’ll have to write a post about K/S (slash) one of these days…

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