My Weekly Spock: Paris Turned Up!

Funny thing, I was going through my old photo files and came across these pictures I took of my old TV back in 2008 — apparently when I was watching a rerun of Mission: Impossible! There’s Paris in his Magician garb! Had to share! (I wonder what channel this was? That looks like a daisy logo) .  Ah the last days of analog…


11 responses to “My Weekly Spock: Paris Turned Up!

  1. Talk about serious hotness! *Sigh* those eyes! He looks so handsome in that second picture. Spock is cute, but you should really do more posts about Paris if you can.

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  2. Is that a wig or did he let his hair grow out?

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  3. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE came on after my bed time!


  4. Thanks for putting the link up! The first time I ever saw Leonard Nimoy in a leading role was on Mission:Impossible a couple years ago, and I’ve loved him ever since. By the way, I checked out your older posts and came to the “Fleetles”, which was just too funny! I did the same thing to multiple pictures of the Bee Gees performing on stage, replacing the brothers Gibb with Spock, Kirk, and McCoy!


  5. I love all things Sci Fi and my gate way was Star Trek. I was wondering if you know of a possibly Outer Limits? or something where The Shat was playing a bald man wearing a black and red lumber jack shirt? I caught it in my teens or early adult hood. I instantly thought oh there he is bald and why so serious? But I do know that it is only a rumor supposedly but you probably know more about all that.


  6. Well, if you’re asking me, I do know that he sported a “rug” on Trek. I’ve also heard that he wore a girdle to keep his stomach from sticking out! The reason you see Shatner wearing a green shirt in some episodes is because he was gaining weight and the change was too noticeable in the yellow shirt.


  7. I must add that I also heard a rumor that he wore a girdle also. In spite of it all, we still love our Captain Kirk (Even if he was a little pudgy!)


  8. I’m sorry! I forgot I mentioned the girdle earlier! I guess I had a blonde moment there.

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