My Weekly Spock: Paris Turned Up!

Funny thing, I was going through my old photo files and came across these pictures I took of my old TV back in 2008 — apparently when I was watching a rerun of Mission: Impossible! There’s Paris in his Magician garb! Had to share! (I wonder what channel this was? That looks like a daisy logo) .  Ah the last days of analog…


11 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Paris Turned Up!

  1. Talk about serious hotness! *Sigh* those eyes! He looks so handsome in that second picture. Spock is cute, but you should really do more posts about Paris if you can.

  2. Thanks for putting the link up! The first time I ever saw Leonard Nimoy in a leading role was on Mission:Impossible a couple years ago, and I’ve loved him ever since. By the way, I checked out your older posts and came to the “Fleetles”, which was just too funny! I did the same thing to multiple pictures of the Bee Gees performing on stage, replacing the brothers Gibb with Spock, Kirk, and McCoy!

  3. I love all things Sci Fi and my gate way was Star Trek. I was wondering if you know of a possibly Outer Limits? or something where The Shat was playing a bald man wearing a black and red lumber jack shirt? I caught it in my teens or early adult hood. I instantly thought oh there he is bald and why so serious? But I do know that it is only a rumor supposedly but you probably know more about all that.

  4. Well, if you’re asking me, I do know that he sported a “rug” on Trek. I’ve also heard that he wore a girdle to keep his stomach from sticking out! The reason you see Shatner wearing a green shirt in some episodes is because he was gaining weight and the change was too noticeable in the yellow shirt.

  5. I must add that I also heard a rumor that he wore a girdle also. In spite of it all, we still love our Captain Kirk (Even if he was a little pudgy!)

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