Today’s Toon: A Hard Day’s TREK (Beatle/Trek Crossover)

Well Kids, I was thinking about the greatest rock n’ roll band ever the other day and found myself combining my two favorite 60’s pop icons againa hard day's trek


Here’s the original!

9 thoughts on “Today’s Toon: A Hard Day’s TREK (Beatle/Trek Crossover)

  1. Aaahhh, that’s wonderful!! And I’m amused that Spock was George. Wouldn’t The Shat have preferred to be McCartney, don’t you think? I agree with Scottie as Ringo. This was great

  2. It’s a cute picture, and it must have taken you awhile to find the right expressions for all those faces!

    Did you just put them in order by importance in the show, or did you assign Enterprise guys to Beatles based on personality or abilities? My mind is still trying to wrap itself around Jim Kirk as John Lennon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Everybody! Well, to answer your questions… If you look at the “Meet The Fleetles” poster I did,- –I placed the heads in the order that worked for me; John was considered (although he didn’t like the title) “the Leader” of The Beatles, so naturally Kirk ‘became’ Lennon. Spock is Harrison because Nimoy and Harrison are just two of my favorite people who ever lived (and because they both eternally cool!) McCoy became Paul because I had to get the trinity on the top row, (As McCoy is the heart of Trek, McCartney is the heart of the Beatles) and Scotty was left so naturally he became Ringo! If you look at the Trek Toon I made called “Beatle Trek”, you’ll see the corresponding Beatle heads on Trek bodies and vice-versa! I’ve loved making all my Beatle/Trek crossovers, and I’m sure I’ll come up with more in the future!
      Thanks for all your great comments, always a joy to hear from you! -Therese ๐Ÿ™‚

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