Wideo Wednesday – It Don’t Come Easy, by George Harrison

Hey kids, Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America, and I thought I’d indulge in another pop culture icon that I’m thankful for — George Harrison — in this original demo he made for the song he passed on to Ringo “It Don’t Come Easy”. I love this version!  Hard to believe it’s been almost 11 years since George’s passing, but the music endures.  He was always my favorite Beatle (I guess I just dig tall, angular guys with soulful eyes)!  😉  Beautiful man, greatly missed. Enjoy this treat, Therese

6 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday – It Don’t Come Easy, by George Harrison

  1. George was my man too, since 1964! Probably for the same reasons as you. It can’t be a coincidence that they’re both tall, thin and beautiful with cheekbones to die for! Thank you for posting – he’ll live forever in our hearts.

    • Definitely not a coincidence at all — we’re all hard wired toward particular aspects of those we find attractive. That being said, I love all types of men! (but my husband is the sexiest by far!) But I swear I fell for George when I was but almost 3 years old on February 9,1964, when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. He was the middle man bobbing up and down in the middle on our black and white TV, and there was something about him, maybe the eyes or the thick long wavy hair; my first crush ever, even before Nimoy! And in the end I still don’t think George got the respect he deserved. Everyone LOVED Paul, but he was the obvious ‘cute’ one to fall for. George and John were my men, the two intellectuals, and my heroes to this day.

  2. And, having now watched the video, it was packed with shots I’ve never seen! This is wonderful. I’m sharing it on fb. Thank you for sharing with me 🙂

    • I love how the creator of this video included so many happy, laughing and smiling shots of George. One of my favorite images is at .35 in the film of George laughing with a seagull on his arm–what a great moment captured! I wonder how long the bird stayed there?

  3. Agreed – George didn’t get the respect he was due. I assume you’ve seen the Scorcese documentary? If not, please do! And yes, such happy shots in this video, it’s so lovely.

    • I actually bought the Scorcese documentary, just haven’t had time to watch it yet! Sooner or later, for now I’ll be busy with my new venture, making Raggedy Ann dolls. Resting now after a long, lovely Thanksgiving Day!

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