Hi Everybody!

Hi All! Hope all my followers in the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday!  For all the rest of the world, I hope you take a little moment every day to count all our blessings. So many little things to be thankful for; love of family and friends, a hot meal, and just a few minutes to b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

And now that the Christmas Shopping has officially begun, just remember that the greatest gift you can give is your time and friendship.  The best things in life are truly free! <3

Here, have some Turkey!




5 thoughts on “Hi Everybody!

    • More power to you Cory! 😀 But I agree with the comedian that (approximately) said “Thanksgiving; the best excuse to eat one whole stick of butter as a meal!”

      • *laugh* I hadn’t heard that one! Between the mashed potatoes, the homemade biscuits, and the pumpkin pie, we might have gotten up to half a stick, which is already pretty scary….

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