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My Weekly Spock: Chess; On Screen and Off

(Sorry I’m so late today — had a busy day between work and  errands!)

Well, after all these years, I haven’t figured out how 3-D chess works, but it’s nice to know that Mr. Nimoy enjoyed an occasional game of chess like I do!

When’s the last time anyone here has played chess?  I love playing it with my sons — dig out the board sometime and see if you still got your winning moves!

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Wideo Wednesday — Nimoy vs. Quinto in Audi Ad!

This is cute! Nimoy’s taken a page from Shatner’s book of self-satire! And Quinto (*sigh!*) Note references to Trek, Chess, and even Bilbo Baggins!  I could never afford an Audi though.  (I’m very happy with my 2002 Avalon!)