7 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock – Time with Mom and Dad

  1. Question popped into my mind; how tall exactly was Leonard?? (Sorry my bad english..) Lovely Leonard..! <3 And love to all mothers around the world, too.

  2. I was privileged to be invited by Leonard to go to his folks house when we were in Boston. His mother’s cooking was to die for. And his father told the funniest stories of his life. He was a natural comedian. A couple of great people.

      • When I get a chance to post them, I would like to use that picture of Leonard and his folks that is on your blog. In the meantime, I have some stories in my blog about working with Leonard. Go to my blog, Don Ostertag Off Stage and hit where it says Stage Hand. You’ll see some of the stories about Leonard and there’s a couple about working with Prince also, I see you did a post on him.

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