Leonard’s Little Dog is with him now.

Sad to report that Max, Mr. Nimoy’s beloved dog has passed, nearly two years to the day that his master passed. Max was 14 years old, and a joy to all who loved him.   Here’s to rejoicing their reunion in eternity ❤b7mpqlbceaebewtleonard_nimoy_dog3


5 responses to “Leonard’s Little Dog is with him now.

  1. Patricia Merriken

    He was named after his father.


  2. Did you get this from my posting a few days ago? Identical photo of him/Max in backyard (I have original and cropped it like this). I also found out Max’x
    age and have heard from Susan. Oh well, once something is out there, it’s OUT there…! lol

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  3. Thank-you, Therese. Several other people asked me about this too (a small LN world we live in, sometimes). Asking or even Crediting the source (i.e. I’ve learned from/through Bonnie that….) would be thoughtful. Much appreciated!


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