My Weekly Spock: 1/14/13 A Man, A Dog, A Cigarette, and More Plaid!

You got an eyeful of plaid in last week’s installment; here’s the other  photo from that series.  Just a man, a dog and a cigarette.  Can’t tell if this is a smoking jacket, blazer or a bathrobe. The shirt, tie and trousers are nice, but it’s too big on him and the plaid just doesn’t work.  Otherwise a nice pensive shot.  It looks like it was taken in a work shed out back,  but I think the cute dog just wants to get away from the cigarette.  ( I would too, even if it was Nimoy smoking it)leonard_nimoy_2.jpg guy webster

3 responses to “My Weekly Spock: 1/14/13 A Man, A Dog, A Cigarette, and More Plaid!

  1. I’ve always found this to be the most bizarre Nimoy shot ever. (With your plaid one not too far behind). Right down to the severed head at the top right, the slightly desperate look on the dog and the truly atrocious coat. It’s been suggested to me, in fact, that he’s in the shed where his wife did all her pottery. It makes some sense. It’s stil bizarre.


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this photo before, and I’ve been a Nimoy fan forever. I have seen him photographed in some strange get-ups, but this shot is among the stranger I’ve ever seen. Wonder what it was taken for?


  3. Hi Debbie!
    I’m guessing it was for a magazine layout, but we may never know! (start digging through book sales and eBay! Thanks for reading and your comment, enjoy!


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