FArFri: Spock with Kitty Isis

I love this.  I bet when Spock finally retired he had a few cats!   Unfortunately, I don’t have the artists’ name on file, but I’ll amend it when I find it!


2 responses to “FArFri: Spock with Kitty Isis

  1. Glad to hear that you’re better, Therese. I don’t envision Spock retiring. It makes more sense to me if he dies in harness. But if he wants to retire, he’s sure earned it.


  2. Then again, we really don’t know Spock’s fate do we? I recall in an episode ot TNG, Picard mentions going to Sarek’s Son’s wedding — I presume it was Spock, even though there’s that other Vulcan son in ST V — but I never took him seriously! I wonder who Spock married? I’d like to think Christine Chapel or maybe even Charnanek (The Romulan Commander from ‘The Enterprise Incident’ after her internment…) I bet there’s fanfic out there, but I don’t keep up with that. I bet Spock has a cat or two in wherever he went after the Enterprise!


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