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Caturday with Spock #10

Spock knows you can trust a cat!

Happy Halloween!

Well, 2020 has been so scary, I’m thinking Halloween won’t be too bad. Alas, we’re not even handing out candy this year 😦 But I hope you’re enjoying the holiday in your own special way, and I wouldn’t mind joining THIS little party!

Caturday with Spock # 5

Sometimes they just don’t get along…

Caturday with Spock #4

Here’s your weekly dose of happiness – What’s new with Spock and his Kitties? Well…

Caturday with Spock #2

Twice as profound with a friend!

Happy Leap Day!

Today is February 29th! Only comes every 4 years — so make the most of your extra day! Poor Spock has found his way onto a planet of giant furniture and cats! (I took this action picture of my sister’s cat Chester in January!)

leap day 2016

FArFri: Spock with Kitty Isis

I love this.  I bet when Spock finally retired he had a few cats!   Unfortunately, I don’t have the artists’ name on file, but I’ll amend it when I find it!