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Today’s Toon — “Secret Self”

Aha! Fortunately, Spock has sound-proof quarters…



Today’s Toon: Aww Mom!


Today’s Toon: A Hard Day’s TREK (Beatle/Trek Crossover)

Well Kids, I was thinking about the greatest rock n’ roll band ever the other day and found myself combining my two favorite 60’s pop icons againa hard day's trek


Here’s the original!

Today’s Toon “Flipside”

It’s time for Uhura to sue the quartermaster… 

FlipsideIn case you’re wondering, this is an actual still from Star Trek! (From Balance of Terror) I only adjusted Kirk’s side of the picture to have him looking to his right!  I bet Nichelle hated that uniform!

Toon Tuesday: Affliction



Today’s Toon — TLC (For Leonard Nimoy)

TLCI think Spock needs a little TLC…

Toon Tuesday “Wrong Number”

We’ve all been there! Grrrrr!

Sorry Wrong Number

FArFri — Jim’s Mistletoe Express (by Me!)

Here’s the belated Christmas TreKomic I promised! Happy Holidays from trekkerscrapbook!  christmas party 2And I may be a Spockie, but I’d be happy to take a ride on the Jim Kirk Mistletoe Express!

Toon Time — ‘Dress Rehearsal’

Spock surely finds this situation “a puzzlement”.  I’d just say it’s fair play!

The King and Spock


Toon Tuesday — It’s E-Z Rip!

E-Z Rip