A Little Chekov Love

Going through some publicity and promo shots — Let’s have a little love for Walter Koenig (Chekov) — the ‘Davy Jones’ of TOS!   I love the last one with the fan and fan magazine against the Mission: Impossible backdrop (Both series filmed on the same lot).  What a fine young man! keonig_chekov01

chekov_sulu_scripts chekov_tospb chekov_tospb1 chekov_vintage_pb walter_judy_koenig_desilu

One thought on “A Little Chekov Love

  1. By all accounts, Walter Koenig is a nice man, and I wish him well, but I must confess that I never warmed up to Chekov. I don’t care that much for the character, and I think Koenig is nowhere near as good of an actor as George Takei; I wish that the Chekov lines had gone to Sulu instead.

    One of the internal memos referenced in “These Are The Voyages” has Roddenberry cautioning people that having Chekov claim that everything is a Russian invention is a joke that could get old very quickly, and it should be used sparingly. I wish they’d listened to him. 😉

    It’s funny — I like Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, and Sulu; the only two characters I’ve never cared for are Chekov and Chapel. I don’t know what it is about characters whose names begin with “Ch.” Maybe in my last life, I was murdered by someone whose name began with “Ch.” 😀

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