#55 The Omega Glory

By the time Season 2 was ending, the series had delved into the ‘commander gone wrong’ scenario twice before (and better) in The Doomsday Machine and Bread and Circuses.   This episode was not only  repetitive, but Captain Tracy was completely unlovable too, whereas Decker and Merrick evoked more sympathy.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s still a fair episode (Spock’s mind link is notable).  I think I hit the key points here without giving too much away.

55-The Omega Glory

2 responses to “#55 The Omega Glory

  1. The Sound of One Man Laughing

    Very nice 😀


  2. To me, “The Omega Glory” is three-fourths of a good episode, followed by one-fourth WTF. It makes me embarrassed to be an American, and I always feel so sorry for Canadian Bill Shatner at having to say those lines towards the end. That he managed to say them with such conviction proves that he really IS a good actor. 🙂

    Hard to believe that Roddenberry thought this was the BEST second season episode! He must have had quite an ego…


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