My Weekly Spock – Nimoy drops in on a Kiddie Show

Around 1971, Mr. Nimoy made a personal appearance at Birmingham, Alabama’s  local TV station WBMG on the kiddie show Sargent Jack.  I’m Nimoy on Sgttotally digging the leather jacket!   It’s fun  to see an average Joe alongside Nimoy’s Joe Cool! Too bad there aren’t more pictures or a video of this! Would love to have heard what they chatted about.

Back then almost every local TV station with a news department had a kiddie show with a live host in character and often puppet shows, games, and cartoons.

I remember when I was a kid, our local CBS affiliate,  WNBF, Channel 12, had their show Officer Bill with Bill Parker (who still does radio!) Our Local ABC affiliate (WBJA) had their local version of Bozo the clown, and as a curly- haired Brownie, my troop 206 got to be on both shows!  (Wish I could get a video of those too!)

3 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock – Nimoy drops in on a Kiddie Show

    • I did get your link in my e-mail — and to my surprise it linked to a copy of the very book I have in my living room — Bygone Binghamton-Volume 2! (Great book, btw).
      Our local station had a few kiddie shows – among them Romper Room. But I was on ‘Bozo’ as a Brownie, and I remember this was the second local TV show we got to be on. (Of course we Brownies were seasoned pros by then!) We liked being on Bozo better because he let us watch the cartoons on a monitor, whereas on The Officer Bill Show, Parker turned to us when the camera was off and sadly said “There won’t be any cartoons.” We all went “AAWWWW!” but we still had to cheer for the camera when the cartoon ended! I guess either they didn’t have a monitor on the set or it was broken, but no cartoons with Bill!
      There was another kid show on WBJA called “Mr. Willoby and Igy”, which featured a kindly general store keeper and Igy, the bird puppet who appeared at the post office window. I wasn’t on that one, but when I turned 5, my name was mentioned in the birthday dedications. I’ll never forget it because Igy kept saying with a sigh: “Therese Marie! What a pretty name!!!” ;-P

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