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(Video) Captain Kirk Watches Miley Cyrus Performance…

A timely mash-up!

I was thinking of using this idea for a comic, but this is better than anything I could think up!  (I might still do one, but why draw any more attention to her?)

I had see photos of the actual VMA performance, but until seeing this had steadfastly avoided watching the video — God help her generation.  I did make this collage last week:

sad stateSad, isn’t it?

#34 — “Amok Time”

At last, I create one of my favorite episodes in movie poster form! Some of you may wonder why I didn’t post Amok Time first in my posters for Season II; the reason is I create my posters in the order of episode production, not the order they were first aired.  I believe this gives the viewer a better idea of how the series developed over its three seasons.  This (and Journey to Babel) were the apex of the second season; after these the writing was a bit uneven and we all know what happened in Season III…  Note the Vulcan wind chime motif I used here.  Enjoy. 🙂

34 - Amok Time

The Daily Scrapbook – The last of Media Spotlight, and a super 70’s George!

Hey kids, here’s today’s flashback:  The last few pages of Media Spotlight and a great photo of swinging George Takei in his best 70’s gear!  Good ‘ol George was a regular fixture at the Conventions, always ready with a smile and a pen ready for autographs! George was described in David Gerrold’s World of Star Trek as one of the ‘smilingest’ human beings you were ever likely to meet, and he delivers his million dollar smile here! I love George!  Sadly, this is the last of my Media Spotlight Magazine, and I don’t have any more copies, but if I should come across any in my travels, you’ll see the here!

media spotlight 1977-027 media spotlight 1977-026 media spotlight  1977-02

9/2/13 Happy Labor Day! (USA)

Remember to thank the hard working members of your family today, and always keep those in your prayers who need work to support themselves and their families;  for those here and all over the world who are barely making a living wage, that they can find more and better work that will help, and for those who have no work at all, that they will find good work.  And always to be thankful for whatever blessings you have.

labor Day