#34 — “Amok Time”

At last, I create one of my favorite episodes in movie poster form! Some of you may wonder why I didn’t post Amok Time first in my posters for Season II; the reason is I create my posters in the order of episode production, not the order they were first aired.  I believe this gives the viewer a better idea of how the series developed over its three seasons.  This (and Journey to Babel) were the apex of the second season; after these the writing was a bit uneven and we all know what happened in Season III…  Note the Vulcan wind chime motif I used here.  Enjoy. 🙂

34 - Amok Time

9 responses to “#34 — “Amok Time”

  1. Love the episode, but that is one of the worst titles…
    Love the design too!


  2. The Sound of One Man Laughing

    And what happened to that ghost review of Into Darkness, that I got an email about but the post doesn’t exist?


  3. I’ll be interested in your STID review. I know what I think:-( I found a really good blog of reviews of all ST episodes, which went some way to persuading me that the 3rd series wasn’t the horror story that legend has it! It’s http://jphalt-startrekindex.blogspot.co.uk/ Hope you like it:-)


    • I do! Hope to have the review up by tomorrow, but busy with my new job, (fabric store) family business, and school starting!
      And the 3rd season wasn’t too horrible, but yeah, the production values did go down a bit (along w/ the budget)


  4. I love this episode, as it shows a part of Spock that you don’t know. and it helps you to under stand him a bit more


  5. Theresa – I need to find you on fb and PM you. Thanks.

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