My Weekly Spock 7/29/13 Zombies of the Stratosphere! (1952)

zombiescoverLet’s start at the very beginning, shall we?  Mr. Nimoy goes to Hollywood–he’s gonna be a star! Well, not just yet…And even though he’s seen prominently in the movie posters for the Republic Serial, Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952) (a.k.a.Satan’s Satellites), he’s not mentioned in the cast list there! (A remastered colorized DVD version remedies this great mistake!) Original black and while stills here, as well as highly colorized screen caps from the DVD. Gotta give the man credit for following his dream!  And it gave him practice to be an arch-eyebrowed- second-in-command member of a  spaceship!


That’s Nimoy (as Narab) on the far left -yep, those are really secure seats!


An original poster for zombies…


And the still it was based on… Leonard is only 21 here! (bless him!)


Now look menacing!


I had a terrible dream I was in an awful serial… oh, right…


*sniff!* I just wanted a decent speaking part!


But where’s the Gamesters of Triskellion?


You know it’s a bum rap when you have to carry the director’s luggage…


Nimoy finally gets credit for this movie–(but would probably be okay without it!)

DCC-Leonard-Nimoy-Zombies-of-the-Stratosphere-1952 6016464590_75b1ea562c_b 6016409705_5091174a72_b

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