The Daily Scrapbook: The Star Trek Newspaper Comic Part I

Hey Kids,

As I start this week, I’m aware I’m getting dangerously close to the end of the third volume of my old Star Trek scrapbooks– in fact the items I post this week will be the last of Volume III!  Now I know that Volume VI is somewhere in this house, but I’ll have to keep looking!  Now don’t panic, kids, even when my Trek scrapbooks have run out, I’m sure I’ll find more fun stuff to post!  In the meantime, Here’s today’s flashback:

When Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released, Gannett Newspapers added a daily comic strip based on the movie in our local paper (The Evening Press) I’ve made reference to these comics before, and now I can share them with you.  (It actually wasn’t too bad!) I started to collect them, and before you knew it, I had collected  a whole adventure (well, give or take a few panels).   Unfortunately, we did not get the Sunday color comic, but I happened to find the opening Sunday Comic of this adventure online.   So here begins Star Trek: The Newspaper Comic from December 2 to December 11, 1979. Enjoy!  V3-025 cover  V3-025V3-026

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