My Weekly Spock 5/13/13 – Spock:The Next Generation

(Sorry I’m a little late today, I have a mild stomach bug 🙁  )

Since the new movie debuts this week here in America (some of you have been lucky to see it already!) it’s a good time to catch up with our two favorite Spocks; Nimoy and Quinto.  I gotta say, when I saw  J.J. Abrams reboot of  Star Trek in 2009, it reminded me what I loved about the series; Not just Nimoy and Shatner, but The Characters.   Abrams couldn’t have picked a better Spock.  Quinto truly makes Spock  a simmering volcano (or should that be Vulcano?) as he gives his an edge (and the the anger) that we knew were under the surface of Spock.  His acid “Live Long and Prosper!” to the Vulcan higher-ups was basically a calculated ‘up yours’ disguised as a friendly greeting. But Quinto gives Spock a beautiful vulnerability too, as seen after the loss of his mother Amanda, and his tenderness to Uhura. (which I loved, btw) Here are some N/Q moments, because Spock is a character too good for just one generation. spockNimoyVSspockQuinto

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