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Today’s Toon: Evil Spock Facial Fur Fails…

Hey Kids,

Of course the producers of Mirror,Mirror took a while to decide the best evil look for Spock… They eventually decided on a modified Heisenburg; after all, he is the evil!  😉 My first Toon with my new computer, enjoy, Therese 🙂

MIrror Spock beard fails

My Weekly Spock– Nimoy in Marco Polo (1982)

The late 1970’s and 80’s were a prime time on TV for the miniseries. With the success of  Shogun there was a rush of other grand adventures created. Here is Marco Polo from 1982.  An all star cast included Leonard Nimoy as Lord Achmed –  who is sort of good and evil, a bit conniving.  (Well, of course he’s evil, look at that beard!) He did well with a moderate part, although he first comes off as a bit…Shatner-esque?  (A bit breathless with lots of pauses in his speeches) But by the time his character dies we at least get a feeling for some of his personal traits! Nimoy never got the girl in these movies, and was again relegated to a ‘heavy’ – but hey, he got a free trip to China!

My Daily Spock 5/11/12

Can’t let Facial Hair Week go by without this:

And from here on, evil was always personified by a goatee…

My Daily Spock 5/9/12

Looking scraggly with Henry Fonda in the TV movie The Alpha Caper

Below: A color still from the same movie, with James McEachin and Larry Hagman

My Daily Spock 5/7/12

Facial Hair Week

Autograph session, Late 70’s or early 80’s.

My Daily Spock 3/14/12

Dear God! What facial fungus is this???