My Daily Spock 3/15/12 (oh no he didn’t!)

As Paris week draws to a close, here’s some of his LESS successful looks:

The Mike Brady

The Rasputin

And finally… SERIOUSLY? Gepetto called, he wants his head back!

I commend Mr. Nimoy for risking his cool reputation on heinous looks like these!   (Hey, he was glad to have work at this time!)

Well, at least he had a break from pointed ears!

2 thoughts on “My Daily Spock 3/15/12 (oh no he didn’t!)

  1. I never never understood that hairdo. Where did it come from? And why? And, if it had been a perm, it would have lasted longer, wouldn’t it? Strange. Thanks for beautiful posts. The beautiful smile from Squeezeplay makes my week 🙂

  2. Well winston, I’m guessing that his gypsy ‘do was just done with wet perm rods and combed out at the end of the day. But yeah, it didn’t work! Glad you liked it! –Therese

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