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‘The Bailey Bunch’

I always wanted to do a Trek/Brady crossover! This came into my brain as I was dozing off the other night!

bailey bunch

FArF: Stained Glass Trek (by Me!)

Hey Kids,

I’ve always been fascinated by the beautiful use of light and color on the Original Series.  Those colored gels on what were really just grey walls gave the series a magical, yet cozy feel.  For a sci-fi show on a tight budget, it gave the whole series a special nuance of calm; like stained glass windows in a church.

Inspired by this lighting magic, I started playing around with images on Photoshop the other night and created these ‘stained-glass’ images. I kept the faces clear of lines so as not to distract from their beauty.

I bet I’ll do a lot of these! (I’m even giving them their own category).Here’s Spock from Whom Gods Destroy and Uhura from The Tholian Web.

Enjoy the serenity, Therese ❤

Spock-Whom Gods Destroy copyUhura -The Tholian Web copy

Nichelle Nichols Suffers Stroke


Friends, I just heard from a reader here (and through trektoday.com) that dear Nichelle Nichols has suffered a stroke. You can read the whole story here.


Our love and prayers are with you Nichelle.

UPDATE: As of 6:25 PM EST: “Nichelle Nichols has had both a CAT scan and an MRI today. The CAT scan came back negative and we are awaiting the results from the MRI. Currently she is awake, eating, in good spirits and able to have full conversations. Her right side has shown minor signs or mobility loss but she is not showing any signs of paralyses. “

Source: Nichelle Nichols Facebook Page

#67 Plato’s Stepchildren

Plato’s Stepchildren– The look on Philana’s face perfectly captures the their sliminess!  But of course I always watched this one because Chapel finally got to kiss Spock! (Does that make me as repulsive as Philana?  😉   I always loved Michael Dunn’s performance here too, wonderful actor.

66 plato

FArF: Must. Resist. BACON!

Friday already?  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, kids. Thanks for your patience.  Here’s a funny  Series by artist  Jessie Avarian .  Spock and the crew puzzle over the human fascination with bacon!  I bet even the Vegetarian Vulcan was tempted by its heavenly aroma! I hope he does Kirk gobbling it all up! Jessie’s whole series is available on Etsy here.

Jesse Azarain Bacon1Jesse Azarain Bacon2   Jesse Azarain Bacon 5Jesse Azarain Bacon4Jesse Azarain Bacon3

#64 ‘The Tholian Web’

Here’s my latest poster! I wonder if the cast enjoyed filming an episode that was 90% Kirk-Free?  Good drama here 🙂

63 -The Tholian Web

FArF: Uhura by Christina Zakhozhay

Here’s a gorgeous study of our gal Uhura by Canadian artist Christina Zakhozhay.  She really captured the character’s soul here 🙂 Enjoy.


#60 “And the Children Shall Lead”

Hi All!   Now that the Trek Core TOS gallery is back on line — I was able to finish my most recent poster — And the Children Shall Lead.

It wasn’t the greatest of episodes; the producers basically wanted to  recreate the atmosphere of the  the much better Miri, but Melvin Belli? Really??  Creating the poster my first thought was how to portray the little brats darlings and a deceptively angelic approach seemed appropriate.  Note, the backdrop is actually the Friendly Angel’s robe. Meanwhile, Kirk and Sulu are freaking out, Uhura is devastated and Spock just wants to meditate himself out of there!

60 and the children shall lead

FArFri: Classic TOS Portraits (Part I: Sulu and Uhura) by Jason Cheeseman Mayer

For this (and next) week’s fan art, I’ve found some wonderfully rich portraits of the TOS cast by artist Jason Cheeseman Mayer (jason cm) on DeviantArt. This week we have Sulu and Uhura.  I love the poses he chose and how beautiful he  makes the eyes.  More next week!sulu03med_by_jasoncm-d81fdcx


#49 The Immunity Syndrome

As Star Trek carried on into it’s 2nd season, it began airing more stories set on board to save on it’s paltry limited budget.  Immunity Syndrome was definitely one of the better ones.  For this poster I preserved the ‘amoeba’ used in the original broadcasts.  The new CGI one is okay, but this one seemed more sinister.

49 The Immunity Syndrome