Nichelle’s Doing Great!

Nichelle Nichols posted on her Facebook page earlier today — she’s doing much better and thank all of her fans for their good wishes and support! Rock on Nichelle!

Hello everybody. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you personally for all of your love and support over the last two weeks. Please watch ET tonight to get a full update on how I have been doing. I’m looking forward to meeting my fans in Miami next week.

Much love, Nichelle

And be sure to watch Entertainment Tonight this evening (6/15) for  a Nichelle update!   🙂   stroke_i_m_feeling_the_best_i_ve_felt_a_long_time/ Nichelle_n

Nichelle Update: Minor Stroke-Getting Better :-)

Much Better News from Nichelle today!   😀   Get your rest, Sweetheart!


From Nichelle’s Facebook page:

Update #2 10:15am June 5, 2016

The MRI showed that Nichelle Nichols had a MINOR stroke. She will start therapy this morning to evaluate how much damage was done, and try to determine her chances for a full or partial recovery. The therapists will test her hand at writing and legs to see if she can stand and walk on her own. Last night Nichelle remained alert, and cheerful.

When we told her about the love and support coming in from around the world she smiled and asked to see the posts on her facebook.

Thank you again for all of your kind words. Keep them coming because Nichelle is reading them.

Feel free to post your pictures with Nichelle and a story about when you met her.

Nichelle Nichols Suffers Stroke


Friends, I just heard from a reader here (and through that dear Nichelle Nichols has suffered a stroke. You can read the whole story here.

Nichols Suffers Stroke – Updated

Our love and prayers are with you Nichelle.

UPDATE: As of 6:25 PM EST: “Nichelle Nichols has had both a CAT scan and an MRI today. The CAT scan came back negative and we are awaiting the results from the MRI. Currently she is awake, eating, in good spirits and able to have full conversations. Her right side has shown minor signs or mobility loss but she is not showing any signs of paralyses. “

Source: Nichelle Nichols Facebook Page

Wideo Wednesday (a little late) Randy Travis- Forever and Ever Amen

I admit, I’m not a country music fan, and really don’t like how most of it’s been produced in the last few decades, (I’m more in to folk and bluegrass).  However, I’ve always enjoyed  Randy Travis’  sweet honeyed voice.   So sorry the man is sick and hoping he’ll recover from his terrible heart trouble and stroke.  Good luck and blessings to him and his family.  Here’s ‘Forever and Ever, Amen”