FArFri: Uhura Can Do It! (by me! -Therese)

I made this earlier this month when I was inspired by the old Rosie the Riveter poster!   I hope to make more, but not sure how it would work with other female Trek characters.  But Uhura works wonderfully! Enjoy! uhura-can-do-it-scan-copy

3 responses to “FArFri: Uhura Can Do It! (by me! -Therese)

  1. Saved to my laptop.

    This poster reminds me–the Animated Series had plot holes big enough to sail a Borg cube through (but so did TOS), but I loved how Uhura and the other women of the Enterprise took names and kicked asteroids in the TAS episode “The Lorelei Signal”, when the men were incapacitated. ^_^


  2. Uhura showed us she could be tough during that memorable sequence in “Mirror, Mirror,” so she makes an especially good Rosie the Riveter.


    • Oh yeah, that was a good episode for her, too.

      The way Mirror-Sulu stopped himself short, one gets the sense that Mirror-Uhura has a nasty reputation with that knife.


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